Monday, 16 February 2009


Yes we are still here - haven't been spirited off to
distant hills. Lot of travelling, to get to the kooba hut.
No communications here, just one tiny light bulb.

Stops for refeshment at a Dhaba hut - nice chai

Fellow traveller

Arrived in Bhuj - town of crashing computers.
Found solution at last - albeit I have broken my
reading glasses and this screen is wobbley -
excuse typo's. Trip to the main man, font of
all knowledge on indigo dyeing yesterday. Now
to visit tribal villages to the north. Will blog
tonight, since this computer seems to be just fine!


vineeta said...

Man these pics and post make me want to pack my bags and travel once again!

strawbs said...

Hi Tig, Good to hear from you again, I was beginning to wonder... That hut is so like the painted Ndebele huts in South Africa - cross cultures!
Take care, I am so wishing I was there too. Hilary

Julie said...

I really love the painted decorations on the hut. They might even inspire me to decorate a piece of furniture I want to paint with some sort of Folk design. We are probably heading to Bali or Cambodia in May (India is just that bit further away and I think will have to be postponed till we can spend longer there) Have fun!!

jeaniality said...

Hi Tig Looks like your 2009 India dreams are coming true from the pics. We are all thinking of you and envious of the warm suns. See you on your return at Harrys. Jran