Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Out and about

After two exhausting days of shopping,
Aly thinks it is Christmas, we took a
trip out to Kumbhalgrah, and amazing
Rajpur fort, and then to Rankapur,
a Jain temple with 1000 marble pillars,
all with different designs,  Think I might
have given that commission a miss.

Along the way we met this charming chap
offering camel rides  (no, we didn't) but just
look at his amazing turban

A cotton durry in the making - thread dyed with vegetable dyes.
In case you ask - it takes 20 days to make a durry 3ft x 5ft,
working ten hours a day.

Outside bicycle shed

Last day in Udaipur.  Tomorrow we set of to Ahmedabad
to visit Calico Museum of Textiles.  Yummy.
One to stay in a kooba hut in the middle of nowhere.


lizzie said...

All this looks wonderful. You ought to start arranging holidays - you would be the perfect courier. I'll come.!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care of yourselves.

Julie said...

I love to see the traditional handcrafts in action. Also as a cyclist (of the not-so-highly-skilled variety), it's nice to see the treadly!) A long time ago, when I was a student home economics teacher, I wove a small rug on a 4 shaft loom and found it a very pleasant exercise. I have always wanted to try back-strap looms and the ones that the Seminole Indians use as well.

Willl said...

Now you’re talking...Indian bicycles!!! Oh, I like the textiles too...