Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Things that lurk

You know files lurk and grow on the computer, with
stuff no longer required on journey.   Crisis call on
revisiting Indian Applique workshop file for a
forth coming workshop - oh no,can't open documents. 
 But I have a man who can.  Phew!   So today 
computer housekeeping.  Trashcan full up - amazing 
things appear.  Why?  There must have been a reason.   
Printing hard copies,then burning CDs'.  
Golden halo surrounds head,

Attention deficit syndrome also apparent.  Not to
say the above was mind bending /boring.  The
mind drifts, and one thing led to another and
look what I discovered, both keeping each
other company in a secret corner.

Kuba cloth bought when I was teaching in South Africa
a couple of years ago.   This is seriously gorgeous.
Note to self - do not put back in corner - find a space
on the wall to stand and admire.

Parch Marks

A little trip into the world of rust dyeing, mono printing and
minimal stitching by moi a couple of years ago.  Mounted
on a stretched canvas screen - that was fun!

Enough for one day.  Time for a glass of red, and some
creativity in the kitchen.


jude said...

i have a kuba cloth hanging on my wall. i am so much in love with the construction techniques and design...

greybreaks said...

hi, nice cloth. i've got a great slide show of kuba cloths on my blog. stop by and check them out if you're interested.