Friday, 3 April 2009

The Devils Dye

a photo of the long and skinny indigo quilt exhibited
in The Spice Route exhibition.   At last!

Raw edge 'patchwork' made up with indigo dyed fabrics,
silk, rayon, cotton to name a few.  Textures include
shibori - stitching, wrapping and clamped;  discharge/
colour stripping - block printing and brush marks.

Why The Devils Dye?   Indigo was said to be worth
it's weight in gold.   Because of the damage to the
 European woad industry attempts were made
to ban the import of indigo on the pain of death.

size 122 x 26 cm


Sue said...

It's a lovely piece of work, and I love the subtle touches of gold which contrast so well with the indigo - I'm lucky to have seen this in real life.

jude said...

lovely to see all those indigos in one place.

Fiber Focus said...

Beautiful! I love indigo as well! So rich....