Monday, 30 March 2009

Make do and mend

From BBC Radio 4 to the Sunday Observer Magazine, articles 
are appearing on ways to save money and save the planet etc.   
How to hem, darn, sew ona button.  Knit, crochet, patchwork.   
I think I have heard this all before.

But, hey, it's good.  Now we can all feel justified with the little 
hordes of saved string, brown paper and 'things' that might 
come in useful.   

Mending - I have a small Pfaff sewing machine, basic but 
light enough to take to workshops.  I left it at The Mill in a 
cupboard for several weeks, only to find when next required 
the bobbin race had rusted.   Enter John the Sewing Machine 
man.  Brilliant, got the wire brush out, reburnished the casing 
and it is as good a new.

Making do - instructions to use the machine to get it really 
going again. Just the thing, one of the Journal Quilts on my list.   
This one is for the group Infinity.   Subject - Glass.

Raided my inherited button boxes for glass buttons, the scrap 
bag for fabric.   Glass beads and shisha.   Tick.

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Julie said...

I really love this vibrant design with its combination of patching, applique and hardware. Yes, the idea of frugal reuse and recycling had a bit of a sleep for a few years but I'm glad it is resurfacing!