Monday, 16 March 2009

It's Spring




and a new shiny sink.

       The conservatory is looking good.  Pine doors and shelves 
         re-varnished, with a slightly distressed look at the bottom of 
           the door.   Well, all those years of dyeing just had to leave 
             their mark.   Shelves to be put up for storage, ready for 
dyeing workshops in the summer.

            What a gorgeous day.  The first taste of warmth this year.  
          Perhaps I will abandon work indoors and escape to the 
green gym.   


Carol said...

Sinks looking good. It is a lovely day here too. The primroses are coming out on the banks now. The daffodils have been a bit dissapointing this year. I think they have struggled with the snow.

Tiggy Rawling said...

And it works. Already tested rinsing out dyes. So much better than the little round sink and no drainer!
Gone are the days of newspapers and towels. Bliss. Now for proper storage space. I might even end up being organized!

Julie said...

I love spring bulbs. I used to live in a mountain area where they could grow well but now I'm in the tropics we can buy daffodils on daffodil day which is in support of cancer. It looks like we are gearing up for another cyclone next week. At least the last one fizzled out!

jude said...

still cold here.