Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I've been taking time out, walking on the Purbeck Coast, lots of fluffy 
sheep and lambs;  hacking through the overgrown hedges and shrubs.
It always amazes me how much stuff is generated when 'gently' 
pruning;  and generally just being outside enjoying the sun.

Conservatory is coming on - shelves on walls, and in the cupboard 
under the sink.  A great deal of sorting and 'filing' of dyeing and silk 
screening paraphernalia.   Can't throw any of it away, really!    
However, I can get back to some dyeing, and first off some samples 
for my next shibori class on pole wrapping.

We only have a two hour slot, not enough time for big 'poles', so 
I have made up samples using small diameter plumbers pipes.

Three poles wrapped in different ways,
laying in soda solution



No.1 - Wrapped round pole without edges touching

No. 2 - Fabric manipulated to fit pole

No. 3 - Fabric folded before wrapping

I like the last piece especially.  Think I might
try some alternative folding tomorrow.


Carol said...

Ilike No2. Where does all the time go. It does not seam long ago that you were putting your indigo vat away and I expect now you will be thinking about setting it up again.

Tiggy Rawling said...

Ah, indigo days! Looking forward to lots of them.

Julie said...

wow! I love the special effects just by manipulation and wrapping! I have a huge bag of brown onion skins ferreted away to dye calico. I don't want to use alum as a mordant for enviro reasons. So the book suggests tannin. Do I put the cloth and skins with tea? How much? Are there alternatives?

jude said...

number 3 is fabulous!