Sunday, 8 March 2009

Getting on with things

The sun is shining, but there is a very cold March wind outside.   
The good news is, it is perfect in the conservatory to catch with 
with some dyeing.  First job to dye some threads.

Next prepare and dye samples for the shibori workshop at the end 
of the month.

Frantic activity 'cos with any luck Keith is going to revamp the 
conservatory in the next week (or two), which means no dyeing
 until it's done.   I have been using it as my 'wet room' for at least 
twelve years so you can imagine, despite all attempts to keep
  things relatively clean, the odd dye accident has happened!   

New square sink, with draining board this time, more shelf 
and storage space, and an excuse to visit our new Ikea 

Thanks for comments on last blog.  I think we are all the same, 
regardless of 'filing' systems.   So, bring on the creative mess,
 the search, and procrastination, it's all part of the process.


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Carol said...

What fantastic colours. They should keep you going for years.