Sunday, 8 March 2009

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Back to India! I was given an introduction to 
Alimohammed, a true master dyer. 

He gave me permission to photo his experiments with
natural dyes and different mordants.   Very subtle, 
especially on different weights of silk fabric

This piece of cloth was drying on the line,
and 'untied' to reveal the colours.

Isn't it gorgous?   The colours are more vibrant than shown.
Indigo background, rust orange and deep cream.

I managed two very short meetings, time was short.
I shared with him my method of colour stripping
indigo, and he was a mine of information and very
generous with his knowledge.   The pots, bags and
jars of leaves, bark, powder and gum in his dyeing 
studio were intriguing.  It was also very hot - outside
 temp 33c, inside roaring fire and steaming vats.

Now I have met Alimohammed,  I shall make 
sure I visit again and perhaps get to do some 
dyeing with him.


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I really enjoyed following your trip to India. I guess you are full to overflowing with inspiration now.
I am thinking of making one of the journal bits for the Guild tombola Going on to the Moors to get inspired!