Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Pots - Part III

Getting back into the swing of things again, here is my March 
Journal Quilt.    A little bit of dyeing and some mono printing, 
but not too much, it has turned cold again and the 
conservatory is not a place to hang about in when the 
temperature drops.


Nothing to do with the weather, rather shapes, pattern 
and texture from the previous two Journal Quilts.   
Lots of hand stitching, french knots, fly, seed and 
blanket stitch on background of calico, dyed 
muslin and snippets of fabric.   Breaking out a bit 
here, trying to lose the Virgo tendency to neatness 
and straight lines.

Of course, I had to delve into every box of fabric to 
find just the right pieces, then to find threads.  
Result - room in total mess.   I can feel an attack of 
the Virgo's coming on.....hmm, perhaps I should 
have a tidy up.


AR Am|r said...


well nice blog dear..

Julie said...

Even Virgo's need to break out and Sagittarius's need to tidy up!!! But I'm a firm believer in creativity=mess at least at some point but to resolve the creation one needs to gather together and tidy somewhere along the way. I have really enjoyed your trip through India.

magsramsay said...

I love the textures and balance of this piece. I can relate to the upheaval associated with searching for the perfect bit of fabric or thread ( the more you've got, the more to search through!) I think it's partly creativity and partly determination but then as a Taurus and Ox in the Chinese Zodiac , I have double stubborn tendencies.

jude said...

love the background texture on this. i love that search part, it keeps me aware of what i have.