Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Or just digging around.

A couple of days ago summer arrived - just for the day. I took
myself off to BOB (back of beyond) my jungle, or 'natural'
garden. It has two clean ups, in the spring and in the autumn
Apart from that it just does it's own thing. Nettles for the
butterflies, plants for any beast that finds the pantry,
and my frog pond hiding amidst leafy fronds.

There is also my beloved compost heaps. For some strange
reason I just love tending them. Lots of wriggly worms busy
helping to turn the veggie and plant waste into yummy compost.

This occasionally yields treasures, teaspoons, kitchen knives,
Keith glasses, found in spring having spent the entire winter
not composting I am pleased to say. A good wash and
they were as new. Last year I found an avocado stone
sprouting - it deserved a pot,

It is now over a metre tall and enjoying the rain.

While just generally getting down and dirty I uncovered a collection
of pottery shards and broken bottle tops. Treasure! Gathered
over the years and forgotten.

So today started off cloudy and grey. Time for stitching.
Two Journal Quilts ready to go, but the sun is out, it's warm.
Think I might just go fossicking again.

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jude said...

what a great word.