Friday, 14 August 2009


Catching up with my "Wall" Journal Quilts - done.

A mud wall, Hodka (detail)

The walls are constructed by placing sticks into the
ground and liberally covering them with a mud and
straw mix. Organic voids.


A section of wall coated with old dull gold, and fresh
gold leaf fluttering in the wind. The wall forms part
of a temple where the Buddha meditated. Somewhere
years past, a star has been incised in the stone. Why?

Well, my "Walls" quilts pushed my little boundaries.
Tried out all sorts of different techniques, some, perhaps
more successful than others, but your don't know til you try.

I think my last posts have possibly reflected how fed up I have
felt with the grey skies, cold and rain. In good company though
if reading blogs from all over are guides. But, look colour!

A breakdown screen almost ready to play with.


sandra wyman said...

Oooh, nice!

Are you at FOQ next week?

Eva said...

The Mogen David also exists in tantric Buddhism of Tibet. It is a symbol of a Dakini, a female half-wrathful deity of great power, the "All-Buddha-Dakini" Dorje Naljorma.