Thursday, 27 August 2009

Not the weather for tents

The last of the children's workshops yesterday. We have been
lucky enough to enjoy three out of the four outside in the tent.
Definitely an indoor activity this time, the rain falling in
sheets, accompanied by strong winds.

Gosh, my students are very industrious, but with my
helpers, Nikky and Imogen, we managed to keep up with them.
We got through the t-shirts in double quick time, a little break
to tidy/mop up and it was on to squares of fabric.

Itajime is a great favorite, giving so many different patterns.
The two pieces here are the result of my demonstrations.

Now to tidy away all the bits of workshop stuff, clear the
decks and have a bit of a play myself,

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Eva said...

This is beautiful! Reminds me of kaleidoscopes which I love a lot.