Monday, 26 October 2009

Flying South

Getting ready to fly to Marrakech on Wednesday, where the sun
is bright in a blue sky and it is hot! It is going to be so good.

We visited very briefly, like two days, a few years back, and said
then we must return.

Deep in one of the souks is this shop. Suitable for a
visit on Halloween I think. All sorts of lotions and
potions, terracotta scrubbing brushes, sea sponges and
oils for the hammam, strange magical looking objects,
plus dyeing ingredients - madder, lumps of dried indigo,
and 'red' indigo, although I think something was lost in
the translation. Maybe it was cochineal? I did buy a
little terracotta dish of Berber's lipstick - cochineal. Hmm.
But first I have to find this treasure trove again.

I must also revisit the metal souk and take a better picture
of these lanterns, including all of the spiral tops.

Doing some research I have found the cloth dyeing
quarter, a must. Then there are the tanneries - which
I might just give a miss. Never mind getting lost in
the small alleyways, the smell of leather curing in
pigeon poo is going to be a give away. My nose is
wrinkling just thinking about it!

Our riad has wi fi apparently, so I'll keep you posted.

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