Thursday, 8 October 2009

Getting there

First off, the October Journal Quilt - Autumn Leaf

Then clearing the decks, so to speak. Velvet ordered
for the annual dyeing of scarves fest. Car reinsured!
Paperwork, blurb and photos - publicity for our
family exhibition in January. Next stage, really
getting my head down to some creative thinking.

Flights booked for a short break in Marrakech at the
end of the month, to celebrate (Keith's words) being
married to long. I think he meant it in a nice way!
Should be back in time for the arrival of the first
grandchild. Exciting times ahead.


Anonymous said...

I love the leaf journal quilt. Enjoy your break.

Carol said...

I hope you have a good trip.
Grandchildren are great fun because you can give them back. They grow up so quickley. My grandson Alfie is 3 next week.