Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy First Day of 2010

A beautiful morning, ice blue sky, frosty with a chill wind.  Time to go out and greet the new year.   Wrapped up in layers, topped with an Indian woven wool shawl, and shod with Ugg boots, I was snug and ready to venture out into the day.  We went to Swanage on the coast for a naughty feast of fish and chips - eaten direct from the paper.   Oh dear, standards are dropping!!!    

On to Durleston Park, the very edge of England!   To the south France 73 miles away, to the east the Isle of Wight, and to the west South America.   

Our World Heritage Coastline, or Jurrasic coast.   Out to sea on the horizon a couple of tankers, plus a ghost ship.  A square rigger perhaps.  I wonder where it was going to or coming from?

Enough said

I'd rather be in India!  The famous globe carved in Purbeck stone.

Durleston Head lighthouse and the
westering sun.

Now back home and thawing out.  It was good to walk the coastal path again. Resolution - must do more of this.  Wonky back and ankle are no excuse, and the exercise is good for both mind, body, and soul.  

The countdown has begun for the trip to India.  Hurrah.  Must get the visas and tickets sorted next week.  What a good start to the year.

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Clare Wassermann said... sounds a lovely day