Monday, 11 January 2010


The launch went well on Saturday.   The weather freezing, so it 
was especially nice to welcome visitors who braved the cold.

The fabulous exhibition space on Saturday morning, last
minute twiddling going on.  

Will arrived with his photomontage in the morning, big
sighs of relief all round.  Here it is at the other end of
the gallery, plus Caroline and myself having a last
look around and tidy up.

It was a long, but lovely day.   The Paper Cinema gave
two performances which finished at 7.30pm.  The central
displays were reinstated, chairs returned upstairs, then
home.  Keith and I had a well deserved glass or two of
red before collapsing into bed.   Definitely a cure for
insomnia.  I slept for a full eleven hours!

I am gradually getting the house back into shape.  
Christmas decorations down, only a day or two late.
I found my Walkman, a constant companion as I
wander around plugged in to Radio 4.  It was buried
under exhibition packaging.  

Now a little time to reflect.   Looking at various 
quilts and hangings from a distance it is 
interesting.  A long view.   New mixed
 with old.  Different techniques - new skills.   

I will go along on Wednesdays to steward the 
exhibition and ponder.  Make lists, scribble 
ideas and take along a slow cloth whilst I

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sandra wyman said...

It looks good - wish I could be there to see it!