Friday, 15 January 2010


Workroom almost squeaky clean, I can see surfaces.
Little diversions and discoveries such as this little quilt
made more years ago than I care to mention.  It has
been languishing in the back of a cupboard.   A
suitable case for recycling.  Obviously it does not need
over dyeing!   The centre panel is a hand stitched
Indian embroidery motif on calico.  This needs some
tiny self coloured stitched to the background. The plan 
is to cut it up and make a bag for my camera.

Tomorrow is the first dyeing workshop of the year.
I always mean to buy either chef's whites or 
decorators overalls, as a canvas.   I had a look
around and decided that perhaps I would just
make a big wrap around apron.  By the end of
the year it should be quite colourful. On the
way home I popped into our local charity shop
and found two beautiful white cotton sheets,
so soft after much washing, just the things.


jude said...

ah, a cloth colored by process... ha!

Lizzy said...

Hi Tiggy

Do you still do workshops in your consevatory - and also do you have a mailing list for workshops - if so can you add me to it, I really out to do more than just horses I'm getting a bit boring


Tiggy Rawling said...

Apron made, with large wraparound, to accommodate the casual rubbing of hands. Should be interesting.

Liz - yes, and I have a mailing list. I'll add you! Due to being totally immersed in exhibition(!) I am a bit behind, but should have a workshop schedule together very soon! It will be good to see you again.

Lizzy said...

Many thanks

I hope to get over and see your exhibtion maybe this weekend.

I'm still at the same address at Creekmoor if you have it - or you can use my email address