Monday, 23 May 2011

A Fishy Tale

or, an epic in the telling

Last week, over two days, I helped make a rather large fish
from water bottles, corks and other recycled bits for The
Great Rinising.  A story of water, or lack of.   It takes place at 
The Pump house, in the future when water is scarce.
 Ancient stories of garden hoses and hot water bottles.
A production by Wimborne Community Theatre at the
beginning of July - see

The concept of Theater Designer Pip Nash, it started like this

Bottles were attached to the main frame, nasty teeth in the
front, and embellished with odds and ends,

the top of the spine

Jenny adding the finishing touches

ready for walkies

past amazed visitors to the Mill
over the River Allen bridge, stopping traffic
turning left on to a country lane

almost there

The wonderful Victorian Pump House
in the background

and relax

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