Monday, 30 May 2011

Recycle and Renew

It's dull and damp outside.  Time to do some stitching and
 dust down my sewing machine.

First up, I renewed a pocket on my man's favorite shorts.
A mere fifteen years old - bought on a trip to Australia.  
Stitched a loose pocket on his camera bag.

Yesterday a little skip dipping to retrieve these baskets.

Resting over the bath after a wash down under the shower.
Woven willow, possibly posh kitchen drawers.  Too good to ignore.

An old Indian block printed cover, now a little 'ripe' as we say
here in Dorset.  Faded in the sun, but still good enough to recycle.
Bags to store fabric for dyeing.  There's organised.

Almost lunch time, but first a tidy up ready for this afternoon.
I have a basket full of dyed cotton scrapes that will be made
into a quilt top.   Something to have on hand when I am not
in the dye pots - a little slow stitching.   

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