Sunday, 22 May 2011

What a difference

Yesterday Chris, Jill, Babs, Eleanor and Catherine came along 
to the experimental block printing workshop.  It was a great day.
All sorts of objects were experimented with.   I managed to
grab a few photos before the end of the day.  Little Indian
printing blocks seem to be the favorite tool here.   So many
more great prints over the day.  Ideas whizzing about.

Experiments on paper

several colours on the stamping pad

design ideas - elements for a bag

then direct on to fabric

a calico bag given a wash of dilute paint
and then stamped - an African feel with
Indian print blocks - interesting

prints to be utilized in a quilt

and something different - blocks made from foam and
soft board.

A lovely light in the conservatory for working.  The day was warm
in the morning, but, goodness, in the afternoon the heat
 All windows and doors open, one student decamped to a 
table outside.  Methinks a fan might be a necessary purchase!

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Eva said...

Great! Printing is fun, isn't it? Maybe I should experiment with more material. Looking at these result makes me start right away.