Sunday, 31 July 2011

Life without The Tree

Amazing.  The garden is blooming, as never seen before.   Yesterday the 
first handful of runner beans picked, yum.  We have more salad leaves 
than we can cope with.  And, as for herbs, the hanging containers made 
by my man, are a jungle.  Oh, glorious.   It's going to be a busy autumn,
a vegetable plot to be designed - thinking of all the lovely things we
can now plant and enjoy.

Three prongs, the one on the right is an elephant lilly flower.
I've been waiting for two years for this to happen!

A glorious Globe Thistle

The herb garden, with stray tomato plant
that I haven't got the heart to pull out.

Last weekend I held an Indigo workshop here.  Downside of minus
tree is the conservatory gets too hot, so a gazebo made a nice
outside room.   Such a perfect day, hot enough to keep the vat
a perfect temperature.  Goodness knows how much yardage 
was dyed, the washing line was pretty full.

So what with keeping up with the gardening, taking classes,
dyeing threads, a couple of social events, it's been a very busy week.   

August brings children's workshops at The Mill.  First two at the
beginning of next week.   Then we take a short break in
Cornwall.  Really looking forward to that.  Hoping that the
elephant lily flower will hang on 'til we get back!

Meanwhile, we need rain.   

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Radka said...

It has been a crazy summer so far, very good for some plants, not so good for others.
Thank you for sharing your garden with us:)