Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Well, it seems Blogger has upated itself.  New clean layout - just have 
to check where everything is.

Meanwhile, I have updated my shop.  It's all happening.

I have added images of patterns on indigo cloth.   Whilst I will still
have sample packs available, you now have the option of ordering
larger pieces of cloth - just contact me with inquiries.

I have included shisha and two kinds of shell buttons.

Can you tell the difference?

The mirrors on the left are sold in India as embroidery glass.
They are very bright, perfectly round and thick.  Not good
for mirror work since they do not lay well on cloth.  Usually
found on 'tourist' textiles.    Inevitably you will be told that
the 'real' ones are not made any more - rubbish!

Real shisha, which means mirror in Hindi, are made from
blown and silvered glass.  The glass is broken in to small
pieces and further cut into smaller pieces.   The appearance
is duller, the edges certainly not round, and they are very
thin.   When stitched to cloth the mirror sits very flat.

Finally, there are two packs of dyed fine cotton thread.
Limited additions!   I did find it difficult to get a good colour
representation, but there is a description which I hope helps.

I will be dyeing more thread over the next few days. 
Different colours!  It was only when I placed the photos of
the threads under the baskets holding the mirrors etc. that
I noticed a similarity.    Not intentional, but a bit spooky!

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