Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Summer Time

....... and the living is easy.    So, life takes over.  Not a lot of stitching
going on, or much else really.  Just enjoying the weather - evening meals 
on the balcony, so nice to sit outside and chill out with good company,
good food, wine, plus lots of candles.  Could be on holiday.  Then visits
from Mr. Ben and Will.  Days on the beach - the first steps into the sea.
Hmmm ....... that needs thinking about.   Sand castles and moats;
collecting shells;  kicking a ball.

Updating the shop has been on the agenda for a while.
It's high on the list for next week.   Might be going into
colour with some of these

and adding some Indian embellishments - shisha,
tiny shell buttons and a few beads etc.   

A few hectic days ahead, including a Greek evening for a
group of friends.   Then, it's out with the dye pots, reviving
the indigo vat, gathering some stitching for moments
in the sun - and updating the shop!

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