Tuesday, 30 August 2011

August Bank Holiday Monday means Cultural Day at The Mill.
This year Chinese Day.  Cooking demons, the Lion Dance,
story telling, Tai Chi etc. etc, plus workshops for children.

I decided on printing flags, on a Chinese theme of course!
I had to bone up a bit on this one, discovered that Pagodas
originated from Bhuddist Stupas, amongst other facts.

Obviously dragons feature a lot, as do lions.  Since I was
cutting the stamps I thought these would prove a little
tricky, and then remembered it was the Year of the Rabbit.

Oh, we did have fun - over fifty flags made by children
from 3 to 12.   All a bit frantic so no photos.   

Before I put all the workshop stuff away I though I 
should print off a few of the stamps
which are still useable(!) for my record.

Spots ready for colouring

Bamboo also turned in to palms trees!
There were three stamps for the leaves,
only one left with a missing leaf, still it
gives an idea of the whole

Nose and whiskers optional

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