Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The season is slowly but perceptively changing.   The nights are 
drawing in and today, the last of the Summer Workshops for children.

Blue, blue, all is blue, including myself at the moment. Still have to
store the workshop equipment, including the indigo bucket. 

Indigo under a gazebo, as the white clouds covered the sun.  

So great revealing the magic of indigo cloth, and then the mad
dash to dip and discover.

I managed to grab a couple of pix during the mayhem.

Nice pieces of clamping and manipulation

I think these are amazing
two best friends managed to
produce matching t-shirts

My last indigo workshop at home this weekend.
Never mind, there is always next year!


leilani said...

The first pictire, the large snail-spiral,-- is it possible to get something very similar to this from you before the indigo bucket gets stashed for the winter?

please, please, please?

Tiggy Rawling said...

Everything is possible. No problem.

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