Thursday, 25 August 2011

Moving on

The summer dyeing workshops are over for this year.
Except for an Indigo Weekend in September, 
although I guess that comes under Autumn!

For the next few weeks I will be taking stitching
workshops all over the West Country, and then
I will have time to catch up on my own work.

October/November usually means India.  Oh,
I am getting itchy feet, but will have to wait until
February.  The good news is that we will be
taking a whole month off!  Hurrah!

Yesterday I was a guest tutor at an Embroidery
course.   Years ago I taught a short course C&G on
machine embroidery.   Old files, notes and samples
retrieved and dusted down. Subject - Thermogauze,
or, as we called it in the 20th c, Vanishing Muslin.
After revisiting notes, deciding there were enough
samples, I just had to get into the grove.

made of silk sari pieces, woven and laid on
Thermogauze, then stitched with the addition
of recycled sari thread.   It's very raggy!  A little 
block printing to complete the process.

a silky flag with gaps between the strips.
The stabilizer held it altogether for 
stitching, then it was gone.

my little Indian flag, to wave in the wind

The workshop was great, and as I left at lunchtime
I could see some amazing work being produced.

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