Monday, 20 August 2012

a summer weekend

a present from the birds

the house busy with the boys
lovely evenings for eating al fresco on
the balcony

indigo workshop on Saturday which
necessitated the purchase of one of these

tropical heat and humidity - perfect
beautiful blues emerged
too busy to take photos

the vat is a good one
late this afternoon I will be
dipping and dyeing

a quiet Sunday, no visitors or students
time to stitch in the sun

two applique blocks

this year has been so chaotic
no time, or inclination to 'create'
energy drained - too much housework!

beginning to feel the need to get down
 to something 'serious' 
perhaps it's the sun, or the little local
difficulty has almost resolved itself.

happy days

1 comment:

Radka said...

It has been a great weekend, we lived outside most of the time! Just the kind of temperatures I like ( my daughter's family in France on holiday, 35-40C!!!)
No housework, but lots of stitching...Great! Shame it is not going to last :-( Well, it never does, does it.