Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Time to play

Brushing up ahead of the workshop here on Saturday, I dusted off my paints and
silk screens, made up a gelatine plate ready to just play.

Two pieces made a couple of years ago

Ancient Story

A smal journal quilt.   The background is printed
with a gelatine plate.   The dark figures printed
with a silk screen which had a layer of flour and
water paste applied and then scratched into
before printing


Another silk screen with flour 
and water paste.

just playing - flour and water paste

mono printing

taking a line for a walk

mono print leaf

gelatine plate printing

two friends have birthdays this week
these prints have made 
a couple of nice cards

The  workshop took place at the weekend and it was great fun.   The plan worked well.
Preparing the flour and water screens first to allow them to dry.   Gelatine printing up to lunch time, and a bit beyond.   Time to put them back into the 'fridge before they returned to liquid.  We finished off with some mono printing.   A truly wobbly, and messy day.

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Radka said...

Interesting results. Love the last one :-)