Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Yes, we did come back from Naxos, just in case you were wondering!  Six 
glorious days of blue skies, a golden sun, and the warm turquoise sea.

The first couple of days found us asleep on any flat surface, day or night.
So good to get away and relax.

We hired a car to explore the island, up and over Mount Zas (fabulous name),
traveling the east and west coast.  

the countryside verges are all dried seed heads
and herbs which give off a very evocative smell

up in the mountains thyme is still growing in
the cooler air   beehives are scattered about
how I love Greek honey

as ever, the deconstructing boat

a donkey saddle

windmils  the old and the new

We came back refreshed, and brought the sun with us.  However, it didn't take 
long to slip back into the crazy mad world. Lots to catch up with. Family matters, 
visitors, blah de blah.    

Two day back and I had a lovely day at Walford Mill.  Two workshops with children.   
Dyeing t shirts and squares of fabric

in the morning it was Procion dyes

the afternoon devoted to indigo

it was a perfect summer day

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Radka said...

Glad you enjoyed your break :-) It's never easy to get back to reality....