Wednesday, 14 May 2014

a new toy

I've been out and about, at the Dorset Quilters Day and to Marlborough Embroiderer's Guild.   Both were lovely days, meeting new friends and old.

The drive through the Dorset and Wiltshire countryside was a delight.   Big rolling clouds in the sky, green fields of wheat and yellow mustard flowers.   The hedgerows bursting with leaf and the cow parsley flowers looked like one of the big white clouds had landed on the ground!

So, yesterday was the big 'putting away' of things.    All now neatly stowed away.    
For once my little corner(s) of the house are possibly the tidy areas!   The lounge is still 
'resting' whilst we decide on how to decorate.    The new fridge/freezer is installed.  Hurrah.   So, we have a week to ponder, get on with the painting etc. before the new carpet is laid.

A taste of summer today, the garden called.   The patio was somewhat grubby, and with 
a workshop here on Saturday, the plan was to have a good sort out.  Re pot some plants Who knows we might be able to sit outside for coffee on Saturday!

may I introduce my new friend?!!

a power washer

I borrowed my son's a couple of years ago, it was brilliant. I had to have one of my own!    The thing that looks like a hoover kind of glides across the patio, cleaning without splashing.    Very effective, but not enough to clear the grime.    So the power hose was
tried out.   Fantastic.   Yes, it did make a mess of windows and me, however the result is marvellous, and I had fun drawing on the grubby tiles!  

And talking of grubby, I think I really should have a shower and change of clothes!

Tomorrow I am going to have a 'play day' with my friend Jenny.    Painting papers to construct a little shrine.   I have unearthed a tiny Ganesh which might be just the thing to place in the centre.     

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