Tuesday, 20 May 2014

one thing leads to another

Friday - spent in the garden.    Glorious weather.

Saturday - Indian Applique workshop.

Sunday, too good to stay indoors - woodland garden tidied.
Ferns, miniature cyclamen and wild strawberries revealed
(that was after hauling boxes of books downstairs)

Monday, a lunch date.

Tuesday, hmmmm.    Time to make a start on the lounge.
We have a deadline, the new carpet will arrive on 4 June. 
Next week will be busy with other things

First we will recycle a 'clean' part of the old carpet to our bedroom.

so, now the lounge has the contents of our bedroom!

the elephant cupboard 

we had a good idea - why not decorate the bedroom
before laying the carpet?    

one cleared bedroom, the ceiling, skirting boards and doors are now
painted.  I'm having a little break before painting the walls.    We are 
taking advantage of a few quiet days to decorate the lounge.   

Then, looking around, the kitchen needs refreshing as well.

One thing leads to another!


Radka said...

Yes, the spring does funny things to us, LOL!
I like your elephant cupboard.

Judy said...

that Indian appliqué is gorgeous…..and I love your elephant cabinet!