Friday, 13 June 2014

hello world

Paint pots and brushes filed away, along with all the decorating necessities.    A little way to go get before we are totally straight.   Curtains and sofas on the shopping list.


tribal chair against white wall
love the white wall!

  peace lilly and yellow wall

the elephant cupboard is back in place along with
the Rabari hanging - such a lovely piece to wake
up to, all those little shiny mirrors

looking out of my window the garden is blooming

Last Saturday I took a workshop with Croydon Embroiderers' Guild.    It was great, but I forgot my camera and there were some lovely pieces of Indian mirror work.    Tomorrow
there is the experimental block printing day here and next Saturday the first indigo vat
this summer.    I am so looking forward to taking that workshop, and the weather looks
to be just perfect.


Radka said...

I believe we really have SUMMER now!
It's great to get back to normal after decorating and everything feels nice and fresh :-)
You have collected some lovely bits of furnishing.

Judy said...

Your lounge has turned out really nicely!
I'm envious of both your garden and also all of the classes available for you to take!