Monday, 16 June 2014


Warning - no textiles involved!

A step up stool from Ikea.  It fits nicely in the only empty
space in the room and means I can get to the top of my
cupboards without having to retrieve a ladder from the garage.
Oh yes, you can sit on it too!

Having heard horrible tales of putting Ikea furniture together
I was very proud of my first foray into furniture construction. 
A 3D jigsaw puzzle.  No need for cupboards at the moment, 
their construction might prove a little more head scratching!


magsramsay said...

I've got one of those too! It props up a design wall when not in use trying to get at the stash on top of the wardrobe

Radka said...

I have one of those! Not Ikea, but very similar, can't imagine life without it.