Tuesday, 17 June 2014

blue day

It's a glorious day,   Blue skies, 20c and all in all a perfect day for the Blues.

Emptied the remains of last year's indigo cloth from the basket to try out a new recipe.
I usually use sodium hydrosulphite.   Lots of students are really not keen on the smell, I like it!   So with some Spectralite on the shelf I made up my vat with that.  Success.

Another good reason is that Spectralite is easier to obtain than hydros.

A rack full of over dyed indigo.   Love the richness of the dark blue with the 
contrast of what was white, now mid blue and zinging against the dark.

All sorts of shapes and sizes, and patterns.   A quilt in the making to
stitch in the sun.

The block printing workshop on Saturday was brilliant and such fun.
We cut potatoes, fun foam, tried various found objects, and raided the 
garden for greenery suitable for printing.

For once the camera was to hand.   I took one photograph, after which
the camera hid itself.    So here is very clever Babs working away and
producing fabulous prints.

wish I had pix of the other students work
wonderful prints all round
note to self - put camera in a safe place!

Hmm, the vat is still happy, perhaps another dip or two.
It's good to be dyeing indigo under a warm sky again,
never mind the fact that I have a blue hand due to 
a hole in one glove.  A small price to pay

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Els said...

Oh my !!!! What a GORGEOUS washing line !!!!!!!!!!!!

(great view from the studio ;-) ...)