Tuesday, 24 June 2014

domestic stitching

The Indian bedspreads were taken to the cleaners, a little grubby and I didn't fancy the idea of washing and ironing the pair of them (290 x 290cm).   They came back sparkling white and have been sitting around for a week.

Yesterday was making the curtains day.    Fortunately I have two large workshop tables which made the task easier.

measuring and cutting first

measure twice, cut once - what was left after adjusting
the length  - enough for four cushions I think

Amazingly, although it is hand stitched applique I found
I could match the pattern (almost) perfectly.   I marvel at the 
skill of the makers, not only is the design pattern perfect, it must
have taken a great deal of time to complete each bedspread

the curtains were hung in the afternoon

creating a cool feeling in the lounge this morning
when outside it very bright and very hot!

this afternoon perfect for another indigo vat

the leftover joined hems 
three dips to go for a rich indigo blue

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Judy said...

I need to get my pot going! It is perfect weather for that here as well!
Your curtains are really nice…nothing better than crisp white curtains!