Monday, 30 June 2014

happy day

The first indigo workshop on Saturday turned out, rather like the weather, brilliantly.    We were lucky to be on the edge of the thunder storms, so it was hot and humid after lunch, perfect for good indigo blues.    The gazebo was dusted down, just in case of rain.    We all reminisced about the last indigo workshop of 2013.    It poured with rain, but it was warm.   We huddled and dipped under the shelter of the gazebo.   Shrieks of laughter as the wind lifted the top to give us all an involuntary shower.    I should add 'a sense of humour and to expect the unexpected' to the Needs List.

a small bucket vat taken at a children's workshop last year

It was not until everyone went home I realised I didn't take any photos, and there were some lovely pieces hanging around the garden.      Deborah has kindly sent a photo of
indigo pieces on the washing line.

Deb's piece is the large pole wrapped cloth in the middle.   Well over a metre long and
wrapped around an industrial/office water bottle, quite an achievement!    A bit too big for a bucket though and I was reminded of my big bin vat, which was just as well. Pole wraps seemed to be the order of the day.

as I finished tidying up there were one or two big spots of rain

and  this splendid cloud formation heralded a downpour    it didn't last too long 
just enough water the garden and later dry enough to have supper outside


Els said...

Lovely blue !!!!!!

Judy said...

love your indigo…..and the cloud pic is fabulous as well!