Sunday, 26 October 2008

Hi from Varanasi

What an incrediable place. All life, and whatever it can throw at you is here. Internet cafe located, not possbile to use my Apple Laptop, so will do my best with the PC! We are not good friends. A few pix for now.

Varanasi washing line - saris drying on the steps of the Raja Ghat

7.00am the main ghat teeming with boats and people

6.15 am sunrise over the Ganges

The photos are in the wrong order too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, we're here and it is just great. A bit tired right now - I'll get to grips with the PC tomorrow.


Carol said...

This is great Tig. It is almost like being there with you. It is getting colder here. The clocks went back last night so it is darker earlier.

Martine said...

Just want to let you know how happy your indian tales make me.
Go on and enjoy.

coloredsock said...

i'm catching up a little late! thank you so much for sharing a bit of Varanasi. ah, i feel like i'm there. instantly. feels like home. hope you are having a wonderful trip!