Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Jobs done - well almost

It's been a busy week, mainly involving dyeing velvet for scarves.   Slightly held up with dismal skies which eventually cleared so at least I could see the proper colour of the dye pots.   In fact the Indian Summer returned, so much so I managed to sneak in the Really Really Last 2008 Indigo Vat.  

A pile of procion dyed scarves, rich burgundy, burnt orange, purples, teale, wine and rich blues.            
Indigo velvet, there's quite a few here, although it looks  like one lump!  This was an added bonus due to the kind
weather, and it dyed the most beautiful deep blue.  Very difficult to show the real colours.    

Scarves delivered today, next task is to clear up the 'wet room', as I grandly call our conservatory (which also serves as a laundry room - have to be very aware of loose dye when a certain gentleman's light coloured shirts are about).  I shall leave it gleaming, with all dyes, pots, brushes, buckets et al tidied away.   This only happens once a year.

On to work room - same procedure.   It does look nice when done, but soon reverts on my return.

Oh yes, major housework - then packing!  Hurrah.

We are off on Thursday, so this will be my last blog until I get to the subcontinent - see you there.


Carol said...

Hi Your scarves look fantastic as always. I expect you are getting quite excited about going away and also looking forward to being a grandparent! It is great fun. I have only looked after Alfie once and I was terrified. His other grandparents still have children at school so they cope much better and have extra people around to play with. Both Alfie and his little sister Sophie are very well behaved thankfully.There parents are very consistent when it comes to disipline which makes life so much easier in the long run. He had a great time opening his presents and eating the cake.

jude said...

that indigo velvet is really delicious. have a good trip/