Saturday, 11 October 2008

Loose ends

Counting the days (12 sleeps) before we set off on our travels.    We have the visas at last, having had to jump through hoops with the new system of outsourcing.  So much easier to just rock up at at the Indian Embassy in London, with the added option of taking in exhibitions or shopping opportunities.

Meanwhile tasks to complete, and general sorting of workroom.  Possibly the tidiest it gets!

Indian textiles/stitching workshops over for this year.  It's amazing what clutter is shoved into files through the year. Some pieces are worth keeping, and thinking on for future projects:-

These are stitching samples, on a background of different fabrics, dye painted.  It is an on going 'rag' - which appears and disappears in files or work boxes.

Chakra (wheel) - sample of kantha stitching

Running stitch and lazy daisy on machine cut mirrors - often sold as shisha.
(Don't start me on that one!)

Mirror work, Indian filling stitch and closed herring bone stitch - pretty colours!

So today, putting the summer plants to bed and planting up winter pansies.   Another shed load of leaves to deal with. The sun is shinning, it's warm, better get out there.


Lorie M. said...

your colors are stunning, so vibrant, really wonderful.

Sue said...

Hi, Tiggy, Happy travels. Yep, I'm currently a very inadequate secretary to the Avon Guild of SWD and am impatiently awaiting your workshop. If I had my way, I'd be playing at dyeing with you on a regular basis.... We have a week in Morocco - Essaouira - while you're away but will enjoy vicarious travel to India with you. susan at krekorian dot co dot uk.

MiguelSato said...