Monday, 27 October 2008


We seem to have been spending most of our early mornings and evenings enjoying life on the ghats. Totally intriguing, number one for people watching. Apart from the holy men, monks, baby monks, prigrims, people doing their daily puja, there are the touts, beggers and, of course, tourists. The first morning we took a two hour boat trip on the Ganga to watch the sun rise. Magic - little bowls with flowers and candles floating in the dawn light, the buildings in the distance looking very mysterious, almost of another age. The last two mornings we walked to greet the sun, and tonight, before we catch the overnight train, we will have an evening boat trip.

One of the young monks greeting the sun

Amongst the many boats I loved the pattern on this one

We did a side trip, of course, to see the silk weavers. Silk thread and gold thread, intricate patterns, and quite rightly, very expensive. A long scarf can take up to four weeks to make.
A silk weaver at work

Lengths of silk saris hanging out to dry
I think I am getting the hang of the PC - hurrah

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coloredsock said...

awesome! it's fun to follow your wanderings!