Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Today is my birthday, interesting numbers, and a strange
sort of day.

Two years ago Keith and I were joined by our sons - Will on the left,
pilot with British Airways, and Nic on the right, artist (see Paper
. Cinema link). It's a bit dark, taken at sunset from the Maharaja
of Udiapur's jetty, waiting for the boat to take up to the Lake
Palace Hotel for a birthday dinner. Wonderful.

This year Will managed to fit in a visit between flights to Philladelphia
and New York (tonight). Nic is fresh back from a month in Portugal
with The Paper Cinema, and then a month at the Edinburgh Festival.

Last night we had a barbecue - jumpers needed, at least it didn't rain.
We have individual barbecue buckets (veg and non-veg) which
proved very good when moved in between seats to take the chill
of the air. Reminded me of a February evening in Istanbul and
charcoal burners were placed by our seats to keep us warm.

Today was a quiet day. To gloomy and windy for a walk along
the Purbeck coast, but later when the sun came out we took a
stroll along Poole Quay, and then back home for a glass of
wine on the balcony under a rainbow.


Eva said...

Happy birthday! What a lucky number.

sandra wyman said...

Happy birthday!

Sue said...

Happy birthday, dear Tiggy - didn't know you were a fellow Virgo! A birthday present for me this year is going to a dayschool at Bristol Uni's Botanical Garden to learn to extract indigo from woad and other plants they grow there, the Saturday after next. Looking forward to it and hoping I've got more enrgy by then! Love and hugs to you xxx

Lizzie said...

Happy Birthday Tiggy. Same date as my eldest Gson. He was 20.

Tiggy Rawling said...
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Tiggy Rawling said...

Thank you all for your birthday wishes. Due to the mail strike my birthday goes on, and tomorrow a birthday lunch en route to a Bison Farm near Warminster. Not my normal venue I have to confess, but The Nomad's Tent will be there with treasures from the East. How could I refuse?