Saturday, 19 September 2009

At the end of the day

The penultimate workshop in the conservatory. All shisha
and silk shining in the sun. Indian stitch techniques -
mirror work, banjara and kantha and lots of colour.

Next week it is shibori, Procion dyes and maybe at last
another indigo vat since the weather is pretty good.
Come October with the prospect of lashing rain,
soggy fallen leaves and dark evenings it will not
be a good place for workshops.

A few quilts I made earlier

I love this one. Made out of early pieces of dyed fabric
when I was using my son's room while he was away
at University. With impending return for vacation I
pieced the top from the fabrics stored in a box, before
handing the room back. Now the room is mine, all
mine. It is closely hand stitched, and over time has
been washed, giving it a antique look.

Made from raw edged block prints. The hand stitch saw tooth
edged took longer that piecing the top. This is fading
in a very pleasant way!

A winter slow cloth - fabric dyed the previous summer.
Pieced and hand quilted, with bound shisha. In a
moment of madness I decided to stitch triangles
along the seam lines.

Samples of various Indian stitch techniques.

All tidied up now - time for a glass of red.


jude said...

all beautiful here... and a promise of indigo. needed that today, i have the wrong kind of blues....

Tiggy Rawling said...

Blues, what can I say. Odd summer, promises of sun.
It's all a bit blue. We need a good blue's day. Here's hoping!

velma said...

just saw this--so beautiful.