Friday, 11 September 2009

Here and there

A close up of a Sea Eagles wing and breast.
We found this magnificent bird dozing in
the sun (in his big enclosure) at The
Bison Farm - bison were in evidence on the
hills in the distance. Both unuusal sights
in Dorset. The gift shop is full of (Red)
Indian artifacts - bows and arrows, full
headdresses, bags of medicinal herbs,
plus Aboriginal artwork (?)

The real reason for the visit was to catch
up with Bev on the first day of The Nomads
Tent exhibition. Treasures from the East.
Very tempted with the rugs, too expensive,
but succumbed to three Indian mirrors
with painted frames.
Cushions from Central Asia

Objects from the India, Turkey, Vietnam to
mention but a few countries

End of summer garden, a riotous growth of flowers.

Tea and cake at Compton Abbas, watching Tiger Moth
planes flying over head. Now to find the hammer
and nails.

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