Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Trip to the shops

On Sunday we found ourselves, en route to visit Will
and Juliet, making a slight diversion to Southall,
which has a large Indian community. Bad timing,
we forgot it was Eid, - traffic jams were the order
of the day. Then we noticed signs for a carnival
parade that afternoon, We hit the supermarket
to stock up on spices, Indian breads, paneer.
plus assorted 'off list' items. A side order of
Samosas - the smell of spice making us feel
hungry, and a selection of Indian sweets.

Vegetables of all shapes and colours.
We don't have these in our local shops!

No time to wander round the fabric and sari shops, or wait for
the carnival procession,we had to battle our way back to the M25,
with the distinct feeling that we might be late for lunch. Meanwhile,
the cinema was showing the latest Bollywood offering.


Anonymous said...

stubled upon your blog today through Indian Yarn... love your blog. Funnily emough I tried to go shopping just around eid, looking for an Indian outfit for the upcoming festivals.

I would like to add you in my blogroll - hope you dont mind. Would love to see the colourful articles

Anonymous said...

sorry for the typos ..hahhaha