Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Boxing Day

Rayna asked for an explanation.   Traditionally Alms (charity) 
Boxes were placed in churches to receive gifts for the poor.  
These were opened on Boxing Day and the contents
distributed to the deserving of the parish.   

It is also St. Stephen's Day - patron saint of horses and
sport.  The hunting scenes of Christmas cards are now
history - the sport was banned in recent years.   Lots of
football matches in rain and snow.   There might be
boxing going on too - who knows?!!

The recycled shirt quilt is almost finished.   Half quilted, by
machine - I need to have it completed (with other things)
by next Tuesday.   Not a straight line in sight, great.
The colour should be a bit more toward turquoise - taken
using flash 'cos it is very dark and very wet outside.


jude said...

like a twilight landscape....

Tiggy Rawling said...

it feels like one whilst I stitch in the dark! Ha, ha.

Rayna said...

Thanks, Tiggy! The "boxing" refers to the alms boxes - I get it. The recycled shirt quilt is beautiful and I'll bet it is deliciously soft with all those lovely shirt cottons.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday week!