Monday, 14 December 2009

it's not raining

Cold, clear, slightly frosty and the sun is shining - perfect.

Three weeks ago I was set for a dyeing and printing session.
Other things intervened! However, although December is
traditionally my hibernation month, I am making up for lost time.

It's pretty cold in the conservatory, dyes are kept in the
warmth of my room, and cloth is batched in a tray on the
floor. Several short dyeing sessions before I freeze,
then back in the warm. Layers of clothes, thick socks,
and scarves help.

This is a small section of a large piece - dyed for cutting into

Over dyeing a breakdown piece - I like, reminds me of India.

This piece was dark and light peach (! i don't do peach) I like it now.
Over dyed with turquoise and navy

A tray of cloth - recycled shirts gathered from my men and myself
over the past year or so. A 'family' quilt in the offing.

Finally a little peep of my Indian slippers - worn with socks, good grief.

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Julie said...

love your little slippers!