Monday, 7 December 2009

situation almost normal

November was not the best of months. We got off to a good start,
but then it all went down hill. Keith's operation was a success,
he's still recuperating - doing well. Shed loads of rain and grey
days, broken up with various new duties. Not a lot achieved.

So, December. Deadlines looming, not even thinking about
the festive season. Fabric, dyes print paste ready to go.
To get me on the roll again, I start the week giving a talk
and slide show of my Indian Journey in February. A local
quilting group, and it's their Christmas party. I can feel
several mince pies coming on.

A little show for you of a gorgeous Rabari Bag. Indigo
linen, typical Rabari stitching. I just love the huge
triangle and diamond shaped mirrors.

It's still gray and raining. Must pack up my 'show' carefully to avoid
a soaking. We can at least close the curtains and escape to the
heat and dust for a while


jude said...

a beautiful textile, hope all continues to improve...

Julie said...

I love the type of strong linear, natural cotton style of embroidery. It's a bit like the old style embroidery samplers we were taught as kids at primary school back in the old days when practical skills (though sexist)were valued. I am upgrading to 4-year trained teacher and will be doing primary instead of secondary and plan to teach stitchery at school. This will be one of my inspiration pieces- for girls and boys!

Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi, and thanks for the comments.

I have kind of gone into hibernation, but breaking out
out now, having fun with colour.