Thursday, 24 December 2009

Family gathering

 Back from a trip to deliver presents to our family.
We stayed with Will, Juliet, and young Benjamin
who is now looking about and really smiling.  

A wonderful carol service at Hampton Court 
Palace,which took the form of a walk about.  
Through various courtyards, corridors, and 
spooky herb gardens.  No sighting of any
 ghosts.  A very atmospheric evening -  cold 
enough to notice,  with a flurry of snow 
falling down through the beam of spotlights. 

Today my sister Lesley with Lottie and Tim, 
and my niece Harriet with Harry and Albie
drove up from Berkshire to join us for
mince pies and presents.

Now home, having driven through rain and
sleet, we are putting our feet up for the rest
of the day, ready for tomorrow's celebrations.

With good wishes to one and all.
Peace and Love


Carol said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Joan Taylor sent me anarticle about your family exhibition. Hope it all goes well. I hope you will blog some pictures of it. I am just having a little sit down in between Christmas preperations Going to my sons house for their first Christmas dinner. Should be interesting. They are terrified! May see you at West point in March

Tiggy Rawling said...

Scary stuff this family exhibition! Bad enough making my things, as for my men - do I really need this hassel? An honour indeed, and I am sure all will be well. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy being with your family, especially not having to cook!

jude said...

all the best to you.....i'm exhausted i did most of the cooking! bit it was fun anyway....ha!

Rayna said...

Hope you stayed warm and cozy for Christmas day...and Boxing Day, whatever that is! I used to think people went to the boxing matches on that day and I know that's not it -- but I still don't know what the significance is. Can you explain??

Happy New Year, Tiggy!