Monday, 8 February 2010

From the tailor's floor

Looking through old travel journals I found the one relating to our first 
and only trip to Kerala.  That was fourteen years ago.  Definitely
 time for a return visit.

First stop then was to the tailor's shop for some hand made shirts.
We had to go down the road to the fabric shop.  What a choice.
When Keith returned to pick up the goodies I requested that
he asked the tailor for off cuts, and he did, despite a few 
grumbles as he set off.  The tailor probably thought we we
mad, but I did end up with a bag of scraps.

I made this laptop quilt with every last little bit
of fabric.   Over the years it has been used as
a comforter on cold nights, or just 'because'.

Here's the back, it is tie quilted, which makes it
a very soft little quilt.   The backing fabric is
Madras cotton, a very fine muslin.  I had quite
forgotten about Madras cotton, must add
to my shopping list.   

So, cupboards closed, workroom shut down.
Time to pack.   Next post should
be from India.


jude said...

have a great trip!!!!

Tiggy Rawling said...


Eva said...

Love this quilt! The color combo is quite scratchy, I love that. Lavender is wasted if the combination is too sweet.

Rayna said...

oooh - Madras cotton. The quilt is delicious and I hope you have your usual wonderful time. Come home with lots of cloth!

Clare Wassermann said...

have a fabulous time

Vicky~ stichr ~ said...

My niece went to India for 6 months, I asked for silk scraps. She came back with the scraps and a wonderful story! She went into a shop, told the shop keeper[tailor?] what she 'wanted', he told her to lay on the floor and he rained scraps down on her from all over the shop!